Do Butt Ugly Blogs Make Money

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do Butt Ugly Blogs Make MoneyWhile I am still perplexed as to what I call the "rhyme or reason" of why some blogs make money. I have seen some "butt ugly" blogs doing extremely well.

I used to be a web designer and the goal of creating a website was make it the best looking site it could be to please my clients and the public viewing it. However, I am learning that sometimes the uglier the site the more money it makes.

When I am talking about money for these kinds of sites I mean with Adsense, not affiliate programs. It is very easy to blend Adsense ads into an ugly site.

There are blogs that are crammed full of ads
  • ads on the left
  • ads on the right
  • ads in the middle of the page
  • ads at the bottom of the page
  • ads in between posts
  • and ads anywhere else the person can cram them in
Are those butt ugly blog making money?

Let's break it down. What would someone visit a blog for? If the blog is setup correctly and they get search engine traffic then there is a good chance a butt ugly blog will get as much traffic as a esthetically pleasing blog.

Maybe the person who designed the blog doesn't know how ugly it is or even care. If I end up on a site like that I don't usually go back most of the time because it drives me crazy. Either the ads are annoying or the colors are off. I know there is nothing I can do to fix it so I just don't return. I don't even care if they have good content if the site is that annoying. Kind of like when I go to someone's house and the picture is crooked on the wall. I want to fix it so bad I could scream and sometimes do when they aren't looking :-)

But, are butt ugly blogs are offering their readers something they need? Are they are solving a problem, answering a question, or fulfilling a need of some kind? They could very well be doing the very thing that brings in traffic but the visitor might not stay around long enough to find out because the design makes them cringe or annoys them so much they want to leave.

The ugly blog could work to your advantage. If the visitor doesn't like the design or the blog is too busy with ads then they just might click on one of those ads and leave. The ads could be the thing that sticks out the most. I think many times that "butt ugly blogs" do make more money than pretty blogs for just this reason.

Remember, we come to the Internet basically to solve a problem, fulfill a need, or look for answers. If your blog can do any of these things you can make money and be successful in attracting visitors and loyal readers.

However, many bloggers strive to make their blog looking pleasing to the reader which is totally understandable. Your blog represents you and your personality. This is a good thing and it is what I tend to do but sometimes I know it is hurting me in the long run because visitors tend to find a home on my site and never leave. Readers don't make you as much money as visitors - well that is true with Google Adsense.

A pretty blog will encourage visitors to come back and be regular readers. When that happens you have to be more creative in the way you make money. A butt ugly blog will definitely make more money with Adsense and probably less with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs do better when the visitors turns into a reader and sees you as someone to be trusted. The loyal reader will tend to listen to you when you are promoting a product or service and that is how you make money through affiliate programs.

Do you have a butt ugly blog you love or hate? Tell me about it.

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  1. Saving Moms Money - Melissa said...

    I love your blogs!! I have to agree that the more cluttered up the blog is with ads the more turned off I am. And I definitely agree that affiliate programs work best with a solid readership. I only have one google adsense banner on the side of my site, although I am considering adding another banner right next to it, just havent figured out how.

  2. bren said...

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    I am in the process of writing a Review on it/you at as I think you both are a Resource Link worth mentioning. bren

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