Mom Blogger Business Cards Trick

Monday, January 25, 2010

#asw10 When I went to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas last week I made sure I had brand new business cards to carry with me. I also setup a new email address with Gmail. I didn't want to give out my regular email because you had so many cards out when you go to a conference. Many times you just drop your business card in a bowl to try to win a prize and your email address ends up on someone's list. Gmail is free so you might want to consider having a separate email address just for this purpose.

I came up with a little trick too. On my new business cards I advertised all of my blogs on the back. I put the name of my blog, the URL, and a one line phrase that told what that blog was about. Then, on the front, I put my regular contact information and a photo of myself. It only cost an extra $4.99 to have it put on 250 business cards.

Mom Blogger Business Cards Trick Mom Blogger Business Cards Trick

Everyone gets so many business cards when they attend a conference that when you get home you forget who gave it to you. Now, those people will see that picture of me and immediately remember they met me.

Vista Print just came out with Mom Contact cards. They cost $1.99 and you get 100. You could use these to advertise your blog as well. Or, just go with their traditional business cards which are usually free for the first 250. I think the mommy contact cards probably have more mom related graphics to choose from.

About the Mommy Contact Cards from VistaPrint

Our mommy cards are great for busy moms on the go. They’re like business cards, but for moms! Hand out to babysitters, teachers and parents. Socialize in style! Share all of your important 411 to everyone you know and meet. Perfect for networking, dating and more.

The cool way to share your contact info:
  • Great for busy parents, kids and coaches
  • Create in minutes; receive in as few as 3 days
  • Full-color printing on matte or glossy card stock
  • Perfect if you are a mom blogger too
  • Get your Mom Contact cards for $1.99 now
100 Mommy Contact Cards for $1.99

About shipping: Even if they tell you that the slow shipping method will take 3 weeks, don't believe them because they often come in half the time. So you can save yourself some money by choosing the slower shipping method. Of course, if you need your purchases quicker you will have to opt for the faster shipping.

Weekly Vista Print Freebies and DealsAbout Vista Print
Vistaprint offers small businesses everything they need to market their business. We offer high-quality printed marketing materials, promotional products and marketing services such as copywriting, design, websites and postcard mailing. Vistaprint keeps their prices low because over 8 million people use them every year. Volume selling keeps them competitive.

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  1. AvonLady said...

    What an awesome idea! Thanks

  2. Avon Lady said...


  3. nickycakes said...

    vistaprint is awful, but i guess you want to try to scam a few dollars in commission off your readers.

    just go to staples or kinkos and get them done in like a day. or just don't bring business cards since nobody uses them anyway.

  4. Wendy (Sweetie) said...

    Why do you say they are awful. I am serious when I say I purchase all of my business cards and promotional materials from the. The only thing I have a problem with when it comes to Vistaprint is the amount of emails they send.

    And, yes, people do use business cards. I made great contacts when I was at the Affiliate Summit and how else would I keep in contact with someone unless I had their info? It's either give them a business card or write down their information.

    Using affiliate links isn't scamming anyone.

    I hate to say it but you sound bitter for some odd reason but it have nothing to do with me or what I posted.

  5. nickycakes said...

    their business cards are awful. i ordered some before and they were terrible quality. just go to kinkos and you don't have to wait 2 weeks.

    if you want someones info just pull out your phone and put it in there. business cards are such a waste of time.

    ps. it's spelled "Schwag" not "swag" which is short for "swagger".

  6. Wendy (Sweetie) said...

    Well, we will have to disagree that we disagree. I got mine 2 weeks ago and they were great quality. I did get the glossy front which might have helped. The free business cards are a great option for someone who doesn't want to spend what Staples charges. I believe they start at $19.99 and with Vistaprint you only pay around $6 for shipping.

  7. Deanna said...

    I use Vista Print for all of my business cards and I really like them. The quality is great. Thanks for the info Wendy, I'm going to have to get some Mommy Contact Cards!

    BTW, business cards are professional, I feel so awkward when I don't have one to give to a client.

  8. Wendy (Sweetie) said...

    Thank Deanna. I realize now that Nicky Cakes is someone who enjoys attacking other people for no particular reason. Have you read his site? If he were my son I would smack him upside his head and says, "what were you thinking"? :-)

    I think what he was referring to was the new Poken. You can use this little device to record other people's information so you don't need a business card. I know this is a popular item and if I had one I would use it in conjunction with business cards.

    I am a visual person so I like the business card to look at. It reminds me of who I met. I have mine organized in a book.

  9. Ana

    Got my mommy card thank you

  10. Fibro Fog and More... said...

    You always come up with awesome ideas for us!! Thanks so much!

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