SEO Friendly Post Titles and Permalinks

Monday, January 11, 2010

SEO Friendly Post Titles and PermalinksThe title of your post is the 3rd most important thing you can do to make your blog SEO friendly. The first is the name of your blog and the second is the URL of your blog.

You need to make sure your blog is optimized so search engines can find it. When you do anything that helps search engines find your blog like I am going to teach below, you are using SEO techniques.

When you create a title for your post and then publish that post your blogging platform gives that post a PERMALINK. A Permalink is the permanent link to that post you just wrote.

Creating SEO Friendly Post Titles in WordPress

WordPress will allow you to write super long post titles and include lots of keywords in them and then it will turn your post title into a nice long URL that includes all of those keywords. This is one of the best built-in SEO feature WordPress offers. WordPress will also allow you to change the Permalink of a post if you decide you made a mistake or want it to be something different later on. Blogger does not allow you to change your URL. This is the only real thing that bugs me about Blogger but I have a work around (see below).

Example: what if I wrote a post with this title

How to Save Money By Clipping Grocery Store Coupons

WordPress would turn it into something like this:

Do you see what WordPress did?

It kept your entire post title in that post's URL even though it was super long. It put hyphens (dashes) in between each word. This is very important because now not only does your title have keywords in it, the title matches the URL.

How to Create SEO Friendly Post Titles in Blogger

While WordPress allows you to edit your post's permalink, Blogger does not offer this feature. For this reason some thought should go into what you want for your permalink for EACH AND EVERY POST YOU WRITE because you can't change them later. The most you can do is delete the post and start over. And, once people read it you don't want to do that. Take a few extra minutes and think about how to match up your title with what Blogger is going to turn it into and it will go a long way in making your blog SEO friendly.

Blogger cuts off the title you write after 35 to 40 characters (a character is a single letter, number or space). That means that if you write a super long post title the URL will be cut off after around 40 characters. In that case just make sure the most important keywords are near the beginning.

Post Example: using the same example above

How to Save Money By Clipping Grocery Store Coupons

Blogger would turn it into:

Do you see what Blogger did?

One of the most important keywords, coupons, was cut off. Those dashes that were inserted are considered part of the 35 to 40 characters because they represent the spaces you put in between the words in the title.

A better choice for title would be: How to Save Money By Clipping Coupons

Blogger Post Title Trick:

Write and rewrite

Here's what I would do in that case. I like my long post titles so I would write the title as How to Save Money By Clipping Coupons and then I would publish my post. Then I would click Edit Post and go back and change the title to How to Save Money By Clipping Grocery Store Coupons.

You see, once you publish the post the Permalink is set and now you can go back and change your title to a super long one and it won't effect the permalink.

A Winning Combination

Now your next step is to make sure you are using the same keywords in the post you write. Include the words you have put in your title like "save money", "grocery store coupons", etc.

When your post title matches the post URL (or permalink) and what you write in the post matches you have a WINNER! Now that post can easily be found on search engines because it has the winning combination.

How to I find and copy the Permalink for a particular post?

If you wanted to send someone to read that post you just wrote you wouldn't send them to your homepage. You would send them directly to the post by giving them the Permalink, or permanent link to the post.

There are two ways to find the permalink to a post.
  1. Go to the public view of blog and find the post. Hover your mouse over the post title and then look at the bottom of your screen in the taskbar and you will see the permalink to the post. If you want to copy the permalink to send to someone then just right-click on the post title, and then left-click Copy.

  2. On the backend of your blog where you write your posts click Edit Post. Find the post you are searching for but do not open it. Hover your mouse over the View link and then look at the bottom of your screen in the taskbar and you will see the permalink to the post. If you want to copy the permalink to send to someone then just right-click on the View link, and then left-click Copy.
Terms used in this article:
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization (things you do to your blog and blog posts to help your blog get found through search engines)
  • Permalink: the permanent link to that post you just wrote
  • Taskbar: the gray bar at the bottom of your browser that indicates when something is going on such as a page is loading, the URL of a page when hovered over, or if a page is Done loading
  • Character: a single letter, number or space

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  1. Luv2CUSmile said...

    I know this Blog is more for "us' to get information from than it is a "question and answer" type Blog but I had to comment. I love all of the articles you write. I don't intend to use Blogger but all of the information seems to be universal. I do have a question or more a concern. Since reading your Blogger's Guide I am now stumped to my Blog Title. I had it all planned out and now, since reading about SEO's, I am confused. I believe I have finally come to a title I like, can live with, and expresses my Blog. Should I be concerned or rethink it again though if it is made up of a broader spectrum of words to express my Blog? It's still easy to remember and spell. Speaks of my Blog as a whole rather than the few main focuses. Can I focus on my Post titles and the content for more SEO friendly terms and still be fairly successful that way with traffic? I also hope that not all of my traffic is coming from search venues but would like to be on the first page of any search in my category. Thx for everything that you share.

  2. Wendy (Sweetie) said...

    Your title should definitely have your main topic and not be general. It should have the main keyword or keyword phrase people would type if they were searching on Google or other search engine and no one sent them to your blog.

    I made the mistake many times by not including my main keyword. Take my other site, Sweeties Sweeps, sweeps was cute but my main keyword and topic is sweepstakes. It has taken me a lot of working to overcome my mistake.

    You never get traffic from one source. The tricks I share are mainly to help with search engine placement.

    A broad title is good because then you can have sub topics. Then the posts you write are related to the main topic. Think of your blog like a book. The book needs a main title that tells the reader what you site is about and then the sub topics or categories are like chapters and posts are like pages.

    If you want me to take a look at your title you can email me privately with it if you like.

  3. Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents said...

    Wendy, you always have such great information! I'm not on blogger any longer, but use wp, and agree that keyword tagging is very important, and also how you have your permalinks set up.

  4. Wendy (Sweetie) said...

    Cindi - yes, either platform is great and WP especially has a lot of SEO help. I have been reading that WP tagging has nothing to do with SEO though.

  5. ALAMIN said...

    I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information
    will be very useful for me.Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the succes.

  6. Olga Tikhonova said...

    Wendy, thanks for much for sharing the tip on the post title trick for blogger (write and rewrite) - I did not think it is so easy to trick it for the SEO friendly permalink. Going to implement it starting today)

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    I'm new in using blogger.thanks for your great post.I should use this one.

  8. rahul said...

    it was fantastic artical,i like this tutorial.i have learnt so much about seo from this post.

  9. Tina said...

    Thanks so much for the article. I was looking all over the place for an answer to the permalink question.

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